Do I have to turn Bluetooth On?

YES! OnSpotMe relies on Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) in order to receive content according to your position.

Will Bluetooth drain my battery?

Your phone uses a new version of Bluetooth called BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth Smart. This chip uses very little power in order to transmit. Your battery should not suffer too much when using it.

Why do you need my date of birth?

Your date of birth is important as some content may be age restricted, or it may just be segmented to certain age groups. You don’t want to receive information about old fashioned shoes if you are 18 yo.

Why do you need my gender?

Different genders may require different messages… Therefore, we need your gender in order to provide the correct information for you

How do I know where to find OnSpotMe Zones?

Navigate into the Map section on your App and look for pins. Those pins identify OnSpotMe zones.

I got a No Internet Message when I open the App

This is very likely to happen when Internet connection is too slow or inexistent. Remember Internet is needed in order to be able to receive content.

I got a No Server Connection message

There might be something wrong with the link between your phone and our server. Please try again and if the problem persists, contact us at:

When I am at a venue, the app changes color and shows the venue's logo

This is because OnSpotMe is so smart that it recognizes the venue you are at and shows you it’s brand identification.

The app identifies the venue but it doesn't show me any content

There might be two reasons for this to happen:

1) You are at the range of a beacon associated to a venue, but you are still far from where the messages show up.

2) You are at the range where messages show up, but the filter applied to that given content doesn’t include your gender or age range.

My friend gets a different message from the one I get

This is because OnSpotMe makes you live a unique experience according to your preferences. We make sure you don’t get what you consider spam

How do I prevent messages from disappearing when I leave a venue?

Messages are deleted when you exit the venue because they are no longer relevant to you. However, you can always “pin” a content. This “pin” will allow you to keep the content even when you exit the venue.